House Manual

House Manual

Welcome to Clifftops. To save your time and for your safety, please remember to read this manual in its entirety prior to contacting us; you may find your question answered already inside. If not, please call Mr. Erik Moen at +64 21 621 936.

All appliance and/or device manuals are located in the kitchen cabinet below the microwave.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Master Light Switch

Should you find yourself unable to switch on some lights, please make sure the master light switch is on. It is located at the upstairs entrance (see below).



Network: Clifftops

Password: 1234554321

Please reset the router (located in the garage) if there are any issues with your connection.


Please close and latch all doors, windows, and the sunroof completely whenever leaving the home.

Weather in Queenstown can change quickly. Please close the sunroof whenever leaving the sunroom.

Please remember to keep your belongings safe; we are not responsible for any missing or stolen personal items. Other than in the case of an emergency, we will never enter the home during your stay without first notifying you.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are installed for your safety. If they go off, please evacuate the home immediately and contact our emergency services at 111.

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets have been prepared below both kitchen sinks. Please read the instructions to operate.

During summertime, please close windows and doors at dusk to prevent insects from flying into the home.

Please turn off the fireplace prior to sleeping or whenever leaving the home.

do not dry clothes or keep fabric/flammable items near the fire.

do not dispose of or throw any items into the fire.

children must be accompanied by adults at all times, particularly when in the garage.

We are not liable for any injuries caused during your stay.


Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere indoors.

If you wish to smoke outside, please remember to ash and dispose of your cigarettes in the container we have provided for this purpose (glass jar in sunroom).

Disposing them outside is a fire and environmental hazard and we will charge an additional cleanup fee for any cigarettes found outdoors.


You are staying in a residential area. Please keep noise and volume to a minimum after 10 pm; this is required by law, and police will respond if neighbors complain.

Any inventoried items discovered missing or damaged following your stay will result in an automatic charge to you.


The gas fireplace can be activated via main switch panel next to the staircase leading to the lower level. You may need to switch on twice for the gas to ignite properly.

Please remember to keep both switches on while the gas fire is operating.


Remotes, adaptor plugs, and access to the sound system are located inside the white cabinet on the right of the TV in the main living room.


On HDMI1, you can access cable TV. Please remember to keep the cabinet door open to switch channels.

Speaker system (Sonos, Bose, via Spotify)

On the Smart TV’s home page, scroll to the Spotify app and log in with on screen instructions. Once playing, the living room speakers should play automatically. To add in the sunroom speakers, please press and hold the Play/Pause button on the upper silver Sonos box for 2-3 seconds. Please do not unplug or change any settings in the Sonos system.

cooking & dining

Please, no hot plates, trays, and/or pans directly on the dining tables. Placemats and heat mats have been prepared on the tables for your convenience. Kindly wipe spills, especially wine and liquor, immediately.

Please remember to set the exhaust hood above the stove to IS mode (intensive) when cooking foods with heavy odours.


Please rinse off excess food particles/sauces on items before loading them into the dishwasher. Please note there is a thin additional rack on the very top for cutlery.

Without removing the wrapper, insert one dishwashing tablet into the middle compartment (next to #20). Tablets are located in the drawer to the right of the sink (above waste bins). Press OK on the control panel and close door to begin washing.

The door will open automatically once washing is completed. Please pull lightly to unlatch the door.

For more information, please refer to the product manual via this link.

We provide green sink nets for easy cleaning of the drainage. Please feel free to replace via the drawer to the right of the sink (above waste bins).



We advise you to use the express function. Please refrain from washing heavily soiled clothes and/or non fabric items such as shoes.

For more information, please refer to the product manual via this link.


To improve the dryer function and for your safety, please clean the lint tray before use.

For more information, please refer to the product manual via this link.


Please throw away all rubbish promptly to avoid attracting bugs and flies. We have provided bins for this purpose in both kitchens, and if they become full, kindly throw them out in the large bins (green for normal rubbish, black for recyclables).