House Rules

this is our home, please treat it like one.

No pets allowed.

No smoking indoors. No ashing or disposing of cigarettes outside; this is a fire and environmental hazard.

Zero tolerance for parties, events, and illegal substance usage.

Please keep children and toddlers supervised at all times. We will not be responsible for any injuries caused during your stay.

No shoes and/or ski equipment allowed inside the house. Please store them in the garage.

For your safety, we encourage you to unpack suitcases in the garage. We have provided plastic storage bins that can be easily carried down the stairs.

Please open the sliding doors when cooking foods with heavy odors.

Strictly no eating or drinking in bedrooms.

Please use the place mats and heat mats on the dining tables. If a table is damaged, a refinishing fee will be charged.

If you accidentally spill a drink or food on furniture, the carpet, or the hardwood floors, please soak up the liquids or foods immediately and blot them dry (wiping will worsen the stain). We have provided black towels in woven baskets for this purpose in both living rooms.

For damaged floorboards and/or stains on carpets/furniture, you will be charged a replacement and/or cleaning fee.

Whenever leaving the home, please ensure gas fire is OFF and sunroof is CLOSED. Please also ensure all doors and windows are locked or latched; we are not responsible for any guest personal items or valuables.