If driving, please use this address:

3 Highlands Close, Queenstown 9300

If taking bus, please alight at Battery Hill and walk up to Clifftops.


There are three parking spaces provided for your use:

  1. Outdoor parking space (A)

  2. Outdoor parking space (B)

  3. Covered parking port (C)

Please do not park in the garage at any time.

If tire marks and/or motor oil stains are found in the garage, we will charge a fee to replace the garage carpet.


The black lockbox is located at the bottom left corner of the garage door. Please check your Airbnb inbox for the updated combination.

To open:

  1. Press down “CLEAR” (C) button

  2. Enter the combination

  3. Press down “OPEN” button

  4. Guide compartment door down to fully open.

  5. Close weather (black) cover.


For your safety, we encourage you to unpack suitcases in the garage. We have provided plastic storage bins that can be easily carried down the stairs.